November 17 sign horoscopes

Born on November 17th Horoscope: Lucky Numbers, Days, Colors, Birthstones, Tarot Card..

Involve as many friends as possible in fun activities. Ignore those worries about joining in with pastimes you've never experienced before. Weekly horoscope from Russell Grant: What's in store for your star sign this week?


Your options for having a good time are limited as there are people you are trying to avoid. It feels like you're on an emotional rollercoaster and you're tired of all the drama. Someone is trying to control your behaviour. A housemate will make unreasonable demands or an older relative expects you to drop everything whenever they need you. Don't pull out of group or social obligations to please a possessive partner. Emotional blackmail should not work on a smart person like you. Group projects keep you interested and occupied and new friendships will be made.

Working as a team will be difficult, at times, but rewarding. There will be challenges within the group but if you take it in small stages, a mutual goal will be achieved. Let your amour plan a romantic getaway. You will both enjoy a change of scenery. If you are single, don't be surprised if you meet someone special on a journey. This might just lead to a permanent relationship. An old friend will contact you on Facebook or will text you from out of the blue. Catching up with each other will be lots of fun. You might even feel inspired to plan a reunion.

Meeting up with people you've not seen in years will make you realise how far you've come. A refresher course will be more fun than expected. It might feel as if you're taking a step backwards to move forward but this will be a chance to improve your future prospects. Love is all around you. You and a partner are in tune with each other. Agreeing to make things more permanent will feel right for you both. Are you single? Friends will make you feel special, valued and needed.

Someone needs help to find a new place to live or to move into a new home. We have the urge to say what's on our minds, but with both Mercury retrograde and the moon meeting Neptune, the planet of delusion, at AM, it's better to dive within yourself than make any public statements. The time for that will come later, when the moon connects with power planet Pluto at PM, encouraging us to take a stand! The moon is in fellow water sign Pisces today, Scorpio, finding you in a creatively inspired and flirtatious mood!

Exciting news and meetings take place this afternoon as the moon meets with your ruling planet, Pluto. The vibe shifts as the moon connects with Pluto this afternoon, finding you focused on security. The moon in Pisces lights up the communication sector of your chart, Capricorn, and a very powerful conversation will take place this afternoon, illuminating important information. The moon in Pisces finds you reflecting on self-worth today, Aquarius.

The moon and Pluto connect this afternoon, helping you figure out those secret gifts. This extends to the other spheres of your life. You were born under the Scorpio zodiac sign.

Your astrological symbol is the Scorpion. This symbol represents those born between October 23 and November It stands for such qualities as fierceness, resilience, clarity, and willfulness. The planet Pluto exerts much influence on the direction your life takes. It empowers you with the key qualities of Hades, the god of the Underworld. These include determination, sincerity, and aggressiveness.

Daily Horoscopes: November 17, 2018

Water is your cardinal governing element. This element works closely with Earth, Fire, and Air. All these work together to enhance peace and harmony in your life. November 17 zodiac people are on the Scorpio-Sagittarius Astrological Cusp. This cusp is popularly known as the Cusp of Revolution. The planets Pluto and Jupiter play an instrumental role in the lives of these Cuspers.

Astrology Horoscope Predictions For Today, 11/17/2018 For Each Zodiac Sign

They enable you to be strong and inspirational. You are ever ready to take action to correct any anomalies in your environment. Also, you are full of natural charm and charisma. You are very proactive when it comes to solving problems for the less privileged.

Find out your horoscope for 2018.

People find you to be quite approachable. As such, you have a large following.

The blend of the two planets has given you an energetic personality. Being indefatigable, you tend to spend most of your time working to improve conditions in your society. For this, those you assist will be forever grateful. The Cusp of Revolution has empowered you with strong financial acumen.

You have a positive attitude towards tasks that involve analyzing the stock markets. Believe me; you are missing a lot! Regarding your health, your astrological chart shows that you are strong emotionally. All the same, you need to be wary of possible infections in your bladder, genitals, and arteries.

November 17 zodiac people are very mysterious when it comes to issues of love.

You only expose only the aspects you want. You use the others as your secret cards, to enhance the thrill in the relationship. Although you try to hide it, you are a sensitive soul. As such, you get offended easily should your lover handle you shoddily.

November 17 Birthday horoscope - zodiac sign for November 17th

You have a soft spot for partners who mirror your personality. Such individuals are attractive, reliable, sensitive, and enthusiastic. You are able to relate to these natives quite well. Moreover, they appreciate your eccentric lifestyle. The more active Scorpio tends to fall in and out of love with a high regularity.

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