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Even the earlier eclipse of was predicted by famous astrologer B. This happening all the time. He says that it has been estimated that ninety percent of all predictions are wrong.

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  4. No one had predicted his assassination… All these failures would have ensured that we… would have chucked astrology long ago. His arguments in favour of astrology are of the order of those that we have discussed earlier and are not worth reproducing. Arati Chakraborty predicted in that the Vajpayee government would last only for two years and that the next general elections would be held in That did not happen. Vajpayee became the PM while the Congress failed to forge the predicted alliance. Khurrana, renowned Chandigarh astrologer said that the next prime minister in would be a Leo whose name would begin with M or T.

    He also said that Vajpayee had no chance. He was dead wrong. And, they do lead one up the garden path. Nice and easy. Tall claims, big predictions.

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    Nothing ever happens. Next only to Saturn are the baleful ones, Mars, Rahu and Ketu. They are also money spinners for the astrologer. And if something bad happens when something good is forecast, then the astrologer reminds the individual that if he had not done that shanti , he might have been totally ruined! Kashmir issue will be resolved by in a tripartite manner. We all know about the enmity between Jayendra Saraswathi, the Kanchi acharya and Madhavan.

    Hence the seer attacked Madhavan. He came to the Perumal temple [and…] prayed that he be got rid of Saturn, and Perumal obliged. The dispute between the two men developed from this background. Despite every precaution, marriages fail, and tragedies occur, sometimes shortly after the wedding ceremony, as one has read in the newspapers. Our younger son is getting married on the 6 th of August , and this has prompted a lot of curiosity among our Catholic friends. Felix Moses of Madras Christian College speculates that a superstitious belief about the inauspiciousness of the period was spread to ensure that childbirth would not occur during the peak summer months of April to June to ensure the health and safety of both mother and newborn child.

    Subsequently, even other child-bearing mothers were separated from their husbands and sent to their parental home during the month of aadi. But Dr. During this period shops offer huge discount bargains.

    Greatest Astrologer Rohini Shastri - Best Astrologer in Kolkata (Bangla) - Horoscope(Rashifal)

    Aadi Perruku, the 18 th day of aadi month as a unique festival in the Cauvery basin of Tanjore and Trichy districts. When the water levels rise, it is a practice to throw in fruit, saffron cloths etc. The 11 th of May of this year was an auspicious day for mass child marriages, griha pravesh for constructions, and shubh arambh of any new venture.

    The sun and the moon are believed, astrologically, to be at their most exalted brightness that day. Our ancestors passed on the belief that with such good vibrations in the universe, any project or relationship begun that day would be long lasting. This auspicious time falls in the month of January. Mattu Pongal is celebrated as Kanum Pongal when women pray for the welfare of their brothers.

    In Punjab the festival is called Lohri. When the rice is boiled, and when the water comes up in the clay pot and spills down, there is a strong belief associated with it which represents the good and bad omen in the house. The third day is devoted to worship of cattle.


    Another article in the same issue gives this information: Sankranti is an opportunity to pay homage to the forces of nature that nurture us. For us, Nature is not just a mother goddess… it is also a priestess who with her holy touch cleanses our spirits. It is on this day that thousands head for the Sangam at Prayagraj, the confluence of the Ganga, Jamuna and the mythical Saraswathi, and on which the Great Kumbh Mela is held every twelve years at Prayagraj.

    According to the Mahabharata, Bhishma lay on a bed of arrows awaiting the dawn of this day to give up his last breath so that he could win freedom from the cycle of birth and death. All these feasts are related to the worship of the forces of nature, and of the heavenly bodies, as in astrology.

    My name is George formerly Mohan Prasad. Born and bred in a Nair family, I was a well-known astrologer, witch-doctor, a life-member of the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, and one who hated the Christian religion with all his heart. A Christian friend, who visited me, advised me to go to the neighboring St.

    I went, supported by my wife. But I was not ready to acknowledge and testify that Jesus was the healer. Thinking that Jesus was one of the gods, I thanked him as well as the others. But I realized that deep within me radical changes were taking place. I returned to my home in Madras. The puja room, in which the Hindu deities stood in a row, made me restless. I began removing the idols one by one. In their stead I installed Jesus Christ in my heart and in my home.

    After a fierce, terrific battle, my mind was in peace. On that day, my life found new meaning. Hope budded afresh in my family. A new chapter opened for me with the advent of Jesus Christ in my life and in my family. Though I took so long to come to know Jesus as the only Saviour and Lord, today we experience true Christian joy.


    Today it is Jesus and the Bible which control and direct all my activities. From Deuteronomy 4 : 19; and Leviticus 19 : 31; 27 , I understood that witchcraft and astrology were wrong. I made a bonfire of all my books on these subjects. Astrology has great antiquity and durability.

    Rlys could do with resident astrologer!

    Astrology is found in many cultures. Many great scholars have believed in it. Astrology is scientific and has been proved by research. Extraterrestrial influences do exist. Non-astrologers are not qualified to pass judgment on astrology. Astrology works. It does not provide any key to the understanding of the Bible 2.

    It is not found among the methods of guidance provided by the Lord 3. It is a method of guidance forbidden by the Bible 4. This and other charismatic magazines have begun to carry articles exposing the evils and errors of the New Age in general, as well as some of its specific practices like Yoga, Pranic Healing, Vipassana, the Martial Arts etc. The Charisindia article was a rare exception. See Advertising See Electronic Goods sale and service See also Copper Wire Cityinfo Yellow Pages, PB. NO-7, JAL Website: www. Lovely Sweet, Opp. OLD M. RD, JAL RD, NR. See Advertisement On Page No.

    See Colour Advt. On Page. Road, Pathankot Ph. On Page No.

    Now that the votes are in, astrologers are the losers

    College Road, Peer Baba Mkt. Hero Honda Showroom, Pathankot. LTD R. Dena Bank, Pathankot Ph.

    Amritalal, Astro Palmist in Kolkata, West Bengal, India News Photo - Getty Images

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