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There are dialects of our language, too. You can see these big dialectical differences when you compare modern western astrology to Vedic astrology, Chinese astrology, or even when Hellenistic astrology is compared to Evolutionary astrology. This includes becoming familiar with different astrological dialects.

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When you work with more than one system there is a risk of combining rules and patterns in a willy-nilly way that becomes a bit messy and a lot less precise. This can work, but it means tossing out millennia of patterns that definitely work, thereby muddying the interpretive process. I think the beauty of our field is that we are working with a hologram of the actual UNIVERSE of meaning, and no matter where you stand to look at the hologram, it has a fair chance of showing you the true picture.

My approach to using two systems is to keep them separate. Yes, there are techniques that bridge both systems: Graphic ephemerides and Sabian symbols point to spots in the sky and defines circumstances by that point rather than by the zodiac used. And yes, there are parts to Vedic astrology that have shaped my approach to Western astrology, but a lot of that is my early introduction to Western astrology left out a lot of detail. When reading charts for clients, I go back and forth constantly. These had never been translated into modern languages. The problem was, they were finding text fragments that gave long lists of rules and then the fragment would end and no one knew what to do with partially discovered rules.

With time, they discovered many fragments from different writers that seemed to be part of a complete body of knowledge.

Western Astrology

They worked on piecing the fragments together to reveal a full body of astrological knowledge that had been lost to us. As a result, many current young astrologers are focused on ancient western astrology.

Vedic Astrology versus Western Astrology - The Major Differences

At that time, however, I was already studying Vedic astrology. I kept seeing vague parallels to the interpretive patterns of Vedic astrology in these ancient western fragments. With five planets in earth signs, my system had to be useful , so my focus would have to be on the Vedic tradition which, though ancient and in need of re-interpretation for modern western cultures, still existed intact. So I kept my ear open for the ancient rediscoveries, subscribed to the Project Hindsight translations and workshops, and practiced Vedic and Western astrology.

To see how Western astrology changes relate to changes in Vedic astrology, look at the work of the brilliant Indian astrologer, and teacher K. Rao has spent his astrological career testing out old rules against current circumstances and updating out-of-time interpretations. It makes you a very wealthy person.

So the Vedic tradition has rules that hold true if you take into account the culture and attitudes of the times. The changes have to do with updating conclusions to relate to the modern culture rather than losing whole bodies of techniques and then discovering fragments and figuring things out from scratch. Western astrology has had a very different past.

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Western astrology has been lost and found innumerable times in the past years. Contributing to the confusion and astrological changes of THESE times, we notice a funny thing happened to astrology in last years. Before that time, astrologers were not even part of general awareness. In the first half of the 20th century, new astrologers centered the field with a primary awareness of Sun signs.

This difference of astrological continuity is, in my opinion, the biggest difference between western and Vedic astrology. But each re-discovery of Western astrology incorporates current world understandings into astrological science. It was active when Carl Jung started using astrology in his analytical work with clients. Sun sign astrology based ALL planetary positions on Sun sign interpretation. Thanks to Freud, Jung, Adler, Charles Tart and others, the whole field of psychology and later transpersonal psychology seeped into and began filling the cracks and crevices in the incomplete Sun-sign astrological system.

Late 20th century astrologers found astrology to be a microscope onto the psychological and spiritual development of individuals. How brilliant!

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  • And this developed because of a lack of specific techniques. Fate OR Free will? There are many Vedic astrologers and Vedic astrologers operate outside of the India too. Vedic astrology is a part of large philosophical system - Vedas. Vedic astrology principles are embedded in Vastu, Ayurveda.

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    Vedic astrology include in their analysis Rahu and Ketu North and South Moon nodes , in contrast to Western astrology. Both systems divide zodiac into 12 parts. Vedic astrology uses Sidereal zodiac, which is based on a real location of the constellations.

    So the beginning of Spring in was at point X, in , the beginning of spring, already is 2 degrees earlier. This is called precession. Although western astrology is based on solid facts there are some points in it which are not favorable for making accurate predictions. Thus we will try to delve into the fundamentals of western mathematical system and Indian astrology.

    Many astrologers first determine the tenth ascendant in order to understand the relationship between the houses. The other houses are calculated on the basis of the 10th house.

    Western vs. Eastern: a comparison

    In this system, the houses may be of 20 degrees or may stretch up to 40 degrees in size. However, according to the scriptures and books of Indian astrology, each house is of 30 degrees. Parashar, Bhrigu, Jaimini are among those ancient seers who have followed the tradition of fixing the value of each house at 30 degrees. If calculations are made according to the western method then the values of the house s may differ which is not correct according to Vedic astrology. The reason why the western system of astrology is gaining popularity is its easy mathematical system. However Western astrology is not as capable as Indian astrology when it comes to predictions.

    Even the western countries have recognized the mettle of Indian Astrology. That is why Indian Vedic astrology is accepted and is fast gaining momentum in western countries. Every year a lot of foreign tourists come to India to gain spiritual and Vedic astrological insights. Vedic astrologers use fixed or sidereal Zodiac where in western astrology tropical zodiac is used. Vernal Equinox or the first point of Aries is the point of intersection of the celestial equator with the ecliptic where the sun crosses from south to north.

    This is the first point Aries in Sayana system. In the Nirayana system. The first point of Aries is fixed. Astrologers know that currently, Ayanamsha is approximately 24 degrees which means Sayan is ahead of Sun-niryana by approximately 24 degrees.

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