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With transiting Venus also conjunct his south node and opposite his north node , the appointment with Venus ruled progressed 8 th house events is virtually carved in stone. The transiting Sun approaching a square to his progressed Mercury orb 34 min though lasting only two days , would not have proved any help especially taking into account that Gemini rules his end of life house — the 4th house. I have heard many times from a variety of sources rumors that death can be predicted but I have never been privy to any details or explanations. However, I have reviewed a number of death charts and very often, it all looks so clear after the event.

I have an hypothesis about death predictions. Astrology cannot provide an iron cast death prediction because of the very nature of the natal horoscope.


We have to wait until someone is born before we can construct their horoscope, it is an event that we must wait until it occurs. Certainly, with a 9 month gestation period, the approximate birth date is known, but it is not until a baby breathes its first breath that its horoscope can be drawn up including the most critical ascendant. The only comparable event to birth is death and it is only events between these two sacrosanct points that astrology can work its magic. Death cannot be predicted because birth cannot be predetermined.

This does not mean an astrologer cannot make some relatively accurate predictions about the timeframe of death of someone already on their deathbed. Also, astrology can make relatively accurate predictions about the approximate length of life, especially from the Vedic chart. Vedic astrology is very good at examining the life force of a person, and determining if this life force is greatly threatened by accident, illness or any other form of premature death.

This was the case with Jonathan in his Vedic chart. Any direct or indirect link between the 1 st and 8 th houses in Vedic astrology greatly enhances the likelihood the person will have a long term chronic illness, or die prematurely from a chronic illness or accident or some other unfortunate event. This automatically brings the spectre of a shortened or troubled life with regards to health. Have you noticed that when people talk of someone who has died young, or prematurely for any reason, that very often they say that the person was a live-wire, full of beans, full of life etc.

There is some truth in this because the Vedic 8 th house of death is also the house of life. Someone with a 1 st and 8 th house connection seems to have far greater energy than other mortals and they are the kind of people that burn the candle at both ends. They tend to cram a full life into a shorter time span. This certainly seems to be the case with Jonathan.

People with an elevated 8 th house status, especially when linked to their 1 st house, seem to be the people that are most prone to succumbing to their Vedic stars of death. Everyone has stars of death, but people that do not have an imperilled life force just seem to breeze their way past their death stars. Some people will, in their passage through a period ruled by their death stars, have a direct experience with their mortality one way or another such as surviving a major car crash or cancer scare and so on.

However, Vedic death stars are not some magical immutable formula. Sometimes the rulers or inhabitants of the 2 nd and 7 th houses are death stars, and sometimes the lord and inhabitants of the 8 th house becomes death stars. Sometimes the death stars have to be read from the Moon chart.

This was certainly the case with Steve Jobs who died in October in his Moon dasa Mar Mar 18 with his natal Moon located in his 8 th house. Steve had double jeopardy with his life force as Jupiter, the ruler of his 8 th house aspected his Sun, the ruler of his 1st house Jupiter aspects the 9 th house from itself in Vedic astrology. Jonathan had some similarity to Steve.

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Prince the musician was born only 6 months after Jonathan and died a few weeks before him. This obviously was not the only astrological source of his extreme musical talent as one in every people on average will have the identical aspect. However, like Jonathan, Prince got caught with the 8 th house as Venus also rules the 8 th house and shines the malevolence of the 8 th house directly back onto his 1 st house. Furthermore, Mercury rules the 12 th house of decay and is located in his 8 th house indicating a significant weakening of his life force with age.

Mercury is located in his 8 th house, so one star of death is on fire. Coincidentally, Mercury is also the ruler of his 8 th lunar house of death. In retrospect, it seems that Jonathan led the life his natal charts had in store for him. He burnt the candle at both ends in a number of ways from his number of marriages, children and stepchildren to his early fame as an anarchist followed by his rise to probably the most financially successful astrologer of his generation.

He may have been denied the last third of his life, but he seems to have crammed a normal full life into the two-thirds available to him. He was highly motivated towards understanding the meaning of his life. Just make the 1 st Lunar house the house with the Moon located within it, then count the Lunar houses counter clockwise from the Lunar 1 st house. Whatever way a lila beckons you, you will experience frustration if you direct your energies towards attaining it.

Sometimes the vision is so powerful, it is almost impossible not to follow, like a child seduced by Pied Piper. Wherever Lilith is placed in your chart, and any planetary aspects it may be involved with, is where the bird of paradise resides in your life. Depending on the nature of the aspects, your natural inclination will be to grasp your bird, leave your palm open, or a combination of the two.

Details of the Book by Terry MacKinnell. With a little study, any astrologer should be able to relatively accurately know the tropical Moon sign just by knowing the date and how much of the Moon is visible. The planets are extremely easy to see in the night sky, and April is a fantastic month to do this see April guide to the 5 bright planets. Jupiter in the constellation of Leo April Ideally, it is best to learn to recognize all the zodiacal constellations which then become a street map to the night sky.

Sagittarius the teapot sitting in the Milky Way is also easy to learn to recognize. Libra is dead easy with its two bright stars situated between Spica and Scorpio. The Christmas tree is actually the triangular face of the bull. If you live in a city or light pollution dims the night sky, wait until your next country trip and take the time to learn a new zodiacal constellation. One new constellation per evening or trip is a good way to progress with your learning.

Once you can recognize all the 12 zodiacal constellations without referring to an app or book, you have graduated to being a visual astrologer. You will not be able to see the constellations of Cancer, Aquarius or Pisces in built up areas and even in the country, these constellations are difficult to see if the Moon is up. Aquarius is remarkable as it is the only zodiacal constellation showing movement — the water pouring out of the jar and the ripples in the pond. Pisces is the best of all as it is extremely large, has two distinct arms with a ring at the end of one arm.

What is so notable about Pisces is that each star is equally faint and forms a gossamer thread. Aries is a non-event and found hanging off one arm of Pisces. Recognizing that the zodiacal constellations are symbolic of the sidereal zodiac, the presence of the Moon or planet in a zodiacal constellation can be converted back to the tropical sign relatively easily. As a rule of thumb, if the Moon or planet is located in the constellation of Leo which is currently the case with Jupiter , just add one sign to arrive at its tropical sign unless the Moon or planet is close to the beginning the constellation.

The exact difference between the two zodiacs is currently 24 degrees with the tropical zodiac 24 degrees ahead of the sidereal zodiac. There is an element of inexactness or vagueness when in visual astrologer mode compared to astrological software or ephemeris mode but this is part of the process. I remember going out one evening and looking at the constellation of Scorpio, a truly stunning constellation with the red star Antares at its heart, and I notices there was a star out of place.

Of course, stars are never out of place. I quickly realized that Saturn was in the early part of tropical Sagittarius which placed it in the constellation of Scorpio. This type of experience happens a number of times. Once you start noticing a misplaced star in a constellation, you have advanced to a higher level of visual astrology.

When you look at the zodiacal constellations, there is something hidden that you are looking at that. You are looking at the intellectual property IP of ancient astronomer-astrologers that defined these zodiacal constellations over 4, years ago. Some were defined thousands of years earlier. Why are there 12 zodiacal constellations and why are they arranged the way they are? This is a controversial subject because the IP of the zodiacal constellations stretches back before the written word.

Whether by accident or intentional, these zodiacal constellations accurately symbolically represent the astrological ages if viewed by the heliacal rising method. It seems incredible that astrologers thousands of years ago seemed to have accurately define the zodiacal constellations to represent the passing panorama of the astrological ages. Did they do this accidentally or with intent? Whenever I look at the zodiacal constellations, I can feel the ancient astrologers in my bones and empathize with their intent.

Alan Wilson Watts 6 January — 16 November was a British-born American philosopher, writer, and speaker, best known as an interpreter and popularizer of Eastern philosophy for a Western audience. In he moved to California, where he joined the faculty of the American Academy of Asian Studies. Watts wrote more than 25 books and articles on subjects important to Eastern and Western religion, introducing the then-burgeoning youth culture to The Way of Zen , one of the first bestselling books on Buddhism.

The sun, ruler of the 10 th house of fame is conjunct Mars propelling Alan into the land of famous people. This is consolidated with the Moon also in the 10 th house the Moon is equal in importance to the ruling planet in Vedic and the Moon rules the best house in the Vedic horoscope — the 9 th house. Whenever the 9 th and 10 th houses are connected this is considered a raja yoga bring great benefits to the person. With Jupiter in his 4 th house of home, he moved from the UK to the USA and this is accentuated by Venus, the ruler of the 7 th house of living in a foreign country located in the all-important 1 st house.

This is compounded by Venus in the 1 st house ruling the 12 th house of people who quest for enlightenment or spiritual insights. Saturn is the only planet retrograde indicating that he rose to his real career later in life. Unfortunately Saturn does harm to his 8 th house of life and death compounded by the 8 th house ruler, Mercury, being conjunct his ruling planet Mars.

Alan died at only 58 years around his second Saturn Return with natal Saturn in his 8 th house of death. Has the astrological ephemeris anthropomorphized into a monster jumping out of the page and trying to strangle me? Any astrologer spending time on social media is being bombarded with almost every element of what once was only found only in the fine print of an ephemeris.

On a daily basis I am informed about the current or going moon sign, planetary aspects, what all the asteroids are doing, nodes and so on. It is as if the ephemeris has turned into a monster and is trying to devour all my attention and time. If I read all the information and advice given, I would not have time to live my life. There is a place for all this information, but is it as important as it sounds?

Does the Moon, Sun, planets, nodes, asteroids etc. Does Uranus in transiting Aries have any noticeable impact upon the world? In my experience, there is always meaning associated with these types of events in a horoscope, but even in a focused environment of a chart, the meaning is usually facile. Many astrologers claim that planets transiting signs do have distinct correlations to the world in general but this is mainly the position of evolutionary astrologers?

I have never seen any convincing analysis confirming any noticeable worldwide impact of planets in signs. Now I have been a keen follower of the transiting Moon for many years, and while I cannot remember any correlation of the Moon sign with worldly events, except perhaps occasionally with full moons, I have certainly seen countless examples of the Moon activating houses in horoscopes.

The Moon in Pisces seems to mean next to nothing to the world or me but the transiting Moon in Pisces in my 2 nd house is a totally different story. Not all Moon signs have the same power or intensity because every transiting Moon occurs within a lunar month. The Moon in a sign at full Moon will be totally different to the Moon in the same sign in another lunar month. Though the lunar month is on the wane as it approaching its end, it suddenly gets reactivated and reinvigorated due to the resonance between the transiting Moon sign and the sign of the lunar month. If I had kept note of all the transiting Moon through houses incidences I have encountered I could write a lengthy tome on the subject.

Therefore I will restrict myself to the very last sting-in-the-tail event, the transiting Capricorn Moon near the end of the last Capricorn lunar month straddling January and February The point of this exercise is to demonstrate that the key significance of the transiting Moon is not the sign it is in, but the house it activates. My favorite weekly astrology forecast. The transiting Moon is no big deal, even when being analyzed by the house it rules, and if something major does occur associated with the transiting Moon, it is bound to be also associated with some other major astrological activity.

Whenever I travel overseas, I try to avoid travelling when the Moon is in my 8 th house, because the 8 th house is 12 houses from the 9 th house of international travel. As examples, I have had one cancelled flight due to volcanic activity. My partner and I had the window and center seat, and there was someone in the aisle seat. Upon take-off, this person put their headphones one, started their music, and then commenced singing along to every song. This was like Chinese water torture or now we can say American water board torture.

It just turned out, that this change of seats occurred just after the transiting Moon entered my 9 th house using whole sign houses of course. Saved by the Moon! This is similar to my sub-periods of the astrological ages where every sub-period is affected by its parent period. The sub-periods of the astrological ages also have their sting-in-the tail resonance. In my work with clients, if I could only access all the planetary transits and aspects to natal planets on the one hand, or the sign and house position of the secondary progressed Moon on the other hand, I would always chose the secondary progressed Moon.

The secondary progressed Moon provides me with greater context about what is happening in the life of my client than all the transits combined. When I conclude the natal horoscope analysis, my first port of call for predictions is always the secondary progressed Moon, and transits are a minor aspect of my predictions unless a particular aspect is formed that particularly activates the natal horoscope.

Any transiting outer planet aspecting the Sun, Moon, ascendant or ruling planet is always worth examining. Most of the other transits are just a waste of time even though they will have real correlations. And finally, the deification of astrology by so many announcements of the Moon moving into Pisces, Mars in Scorpio or whatever, detracts from astrology.

Do guitarists deify chords? Do artists deify colors? Do footballers deify the football? Some eccentrics in these fields may deify the object of their attention but it is not common. The deification process in astrology is all unnecessary. We see it in the irregular cosmic convergences where basically, many planets are conjunct in the same sign or have some other special association, but to what end result — nothing, or next to nothing.

Astrology is chiefly about Scorpio perception combined with Aquarius lateral thinking and Cancer cycles. Historical research has shown that these are the three signs repeatedly associated with major advances in astrology. Pisces is not amongst them. Many astrologers want astrology to be more than astrology, and a vehicle for their spiritual outlook. Astrologers have this freedom of choice because the science and art of astrology is ostracized from academia — this means it is a free-for-all and anything goes. You, as an astrologer, can do whatever you like, and deify any or all elements of astrology, but there is a price to pay — lack of clarity.

Readings are by appointment only. Skype readings available for other locations. I had never personally experienced any insights from the use of Lots and I never place the Part of Fortune into my western horoscopes. What is a Lot and why use them? Very simply, they are a mathematical construct. For example, the Part of Fortune is merely the distance from the Sun to Moon in the direction of the zodiacal signs and this distance, in degrees, is added the ascendant. Most Lots Arabic Parts reverse this formula for night births. Therefore for someone born at night, the Part or Lot of Fortune is the distance from the Moon to the Sun added to the ascendant.

There is a subtle difference between a Lot and the normal way of interpreting a horoscope. A Lot defines something that is usually out of control of the person — it is something that happens to them by circumstance. Though we went through examples of all the Lots, I am just going to give an example of the Lot of Father in my chart for a very special reason.

This was the first time that I experienced the astrological reality of a Lot. Being a daytime birth, my Lot of Father is the distance between the Sun to Saturn added to the ascendant degree. My Sun is at 21 degrees Sagittarius and Saturn is located at 13 degrees Libra and these two are separated by degrees. My ascendant is at 14 degrees Aquarius. After adding degrees to my ascendant, my Lot of Father is located at 6 degrees Sagittarius in my 11 th house the Lot of Father is not shown in the above horoscope.

In my case it was very clear. My childhood in the s was a time when very few people travelled by plane. In my primary elementary school, I could find only two or three other kids who had travelled on a plane. At the age of 6 I flew to Darwin in the north of Australia from Sydney with my mother to visit an aunt and uncle.

At the age of 8 our family flew to Fiji for a two week holiday. At the age of 11 we flew to San Francisco and lived there for 2 years. By 12 I was at Disneyland which for a kid in the s and early 60s in Australia was just about the apex of success. Why so much travel?

My father worked for Qantas so we received heavily discounted travel, and the chance of an overseas posting was relatively high. This was an extraordinary amount of travel for a child in the s and 60s and now I know the astrological reason — my natal Jupiter trine my Lot of Father! After a little reflection, I now realize that the 11th house is not only focussed upon hopes and wishes for the future, but also it is the house of astrology. With my Lot of Father in the 11th house, how did my father affect this area of my life? Travelling to and living in San Francisco introduced me to a different culture.

The difference between the USA and Australia was very marked in the early s unlike today. The level of wealth evident in the USA in the early s did not seem to appear in Australia so while the USA was full of freeways, shopping malls, color TVs and conspicuous consumption, none of these existed in Australia at the time.

For me, it was like time travel — I went forwards in time by about 20 years heading to San Francisco and went backwards in time returning to Australia. Returning to an Australian school after a Californian school was like leaving a multicolored resort and being imprisoned in a grey reform school.

Australia was a petty and socially conservative culture in the s, almost the exact opposite of the USA. This was my first deep exposure to cultural differences. In a different country, a different piece of colored rag hangs from a pole and people sing patriotic songs to it, placing their hand on their heart or saluting it. Thus at an early age I saw much of the stupidity and anachronism of culture. This early exposure to the delusions of culture inadvertently prepared me for my cultural analysis via the astrological ages that has taken my attention for almost the last 30 years.

Well done Lot of Father! There is more to interpreting a Lot. The ruler of the house that the Lot is located its Lord should also be examined and the planet that makes the closest aspect to the Lord of the house provides additional insights. Mars is therefore a potent addition — activating its negative archetypes due to the opposition aspect. Despite my father not seeing active service in the Second World War, he was in the army, and growing up had elements of growing up in a military camp. He was overly physically aggressive at times and mistook conservative political values with truth.

He was very anti the antiwar movement during the Vietnam War. He was not overly unusual for the times but his aggressive nature bordering on bullying emotionally scarred his relationship with all his children. The big question — will I use Lots when constructing a horoscope? Probably not. Because there are so many valid peripheral techniques available in astrology, that if we did all of them, it would take for too long to interpret a horoscope.

However, I would use Lots as a resource in a research situation. For example, if a client had a particular negative time with being in a relationship, I would probably take a look at their Lot of Marriage for some added insight. Interestingly, in my first introduction to Vedic astrology in the early s, the presenter used Lots in solar and lunar returns applied to the Vedic horoscope. He was able to show that in the lunar month when his brother committed suicide, there was a Lot signaling this.

The presenter expressed anguish at not being able to have seen this in advance of the tragedy. Like many astrological techniques, this indicates that while true, it is virtually useless as the amount of work required is just too much for the situation. Furthermore, with so many Lots available, it would have been like finding a needle in the haystack. Hindsight is great but it is one thing to forensically examine something after the event compared to actually predicting an event in advance. This is why we see so many charts of plane crashes and other disasters after the event but never beforehand.

Despite my limited plans for applying Lots in the future, I am very pleased to have experienced the insights Lots can bring. It was not only the Part of Father that rang a bell for me, most of the other Lots examined also appropriately had correct connotations. It is important to investigate a diverse range of astrological techniques but it is not necessary to actually use them. About 10 years ago I attended a conference on Hellenistic Astrology that gave me great insight into Hellenistic astrology and the evolution of horoscopic astrology. I have never felt inclined to learn Hellenistic astrology, but knowledge of it has certainly assisted my understanding of the subject of astrology.

Hellenistic astrology is also the common link between western and Vedic astrology, and as I am a Vedic-western fusion astrologer, learning about the common link was fantastic. In a short chat with Ben, he told me that he is learning Arabic because so many texts of the Islamic astrologers of over 1, years ago have not yet been translated in English.

Ben already can translate from ancient Greek to English. He was part of a panel convened by Robert Schmidt reviewing a number of recently discovered Hellenistic techniques through Project Hindsight. A hundred mad astrologers sequestered together for a week in a gothic colonial American town was certainly an experience.

This is the first of a stand-alone astrological analysis utilizing Generation Astrology combined with some specific techniques of Vedic-western fusion astrology. Bowie during the Heathen Tour in Chicago, August His attempts at musical success in the s was frustrated — which basically aligns to the Scorpio-Scorpio period Dec — May This period only activated the 11 th and 12 th houses though the 12 th house would provide musical inspiration and the inspiration of youth.

It was in the following Scorpio-Virgo period May — Oct that he presented his alter-ego Ziggy Stardust in in the glam rock era. This was the first period with a 10 th house influence and there was equal spread of house influences from the 9 th through to the 12 th houses. He last performed in , appropriately at an 8 th house charity event. It is believed he ceased performing following a blocked artery in his heart and he had emergency heart surgery. This kind of experience is a brush with 8 th house mortality issues. Unless a person is able to harness the 8 th house, a person tends to succumb to some kind of vulnerability.

Two notable people that have extracted benefits from the 8 th house are Bill Gates and Joan Baez. Gates through his foundation and Baez through rereleasing her music with both these associated with the 8 th house of gifts and recycling. Mercurial Gemini and changeable Cancer seem to define what he was seeking in his professional life. Another pre-natal eclipse at 16 degrees Gemini is slightly less than a 3 degree orb conjunction to his natal Uranus, his western ruling planet located in his 5 th house, ensured that his creative focus was above average.

Any pre or post-natal eclipse within 3 degrees orb of any body is noticeable, and within about a one degree orb become highly noticeable. In his Vedic chart he has sidereal Capricorn rising, and Saturn, his ruling planet, is placed in his 7 th house along with the Moon in Cancer. The Moon in Cancer in an angular house forms a raja yoga the best of the best influences and this is why he was so close to the love of his life, whom he found late Saturn in the 7 th house.

The strong Moon in the 7 th shines its beneficial rays back onto the first house which is why Bowie presented such a feminine image at times and was able to constantly reinvent himself due to the Moon always reinventing itself each month. He had the ruler of the 3 rd house which in Vedic astrology is the house of dynamic creative energy in his 10 th house of career, and with this planet being Jupiter, a benefic, this is even better.

He had an excellent chart for singing 2 nd house ruler Saturn aspecting the 1 st house and the 2 nd house is also the house of income generation. Venus in the 11 th house of wealth is ruler of the 5 th house and 10 th house which creates highly favorable influence similar to a raja yoga when a planet rules both an angular house and the 1 st , 5 th or 9 th houses. He was destined to be wealthy and to have very strong and positive friends. The ruler of his 6 th house of acute health Mercury and the 8 th house of chronic health issues Sun is in his 12 th house of decay.

Any planets in the same house ruling the 6 th and 8 th houses is like a reverse raja yoga which in this case has shortened his life and the 12 th house decay element accelerated this process. Placing these two planets in the 12 th is a very difficult fate to escape. The death of Alan Rickman on January 14 should also be noted because he was also of the same Pre-Boomer generation as David Bowie and also died prematurely.

Rickman became well known by the younger generations for his role as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movie series. Since December , all Pre-Boomers have encountered the 6 th house influence of health. A significant number of my friends from this generation have experienced either serious health issue, or deeper health issues than normal.

Anyone belonging to this generation needs to focus on positive health measures, and not being tardy in responding to health symptoms if they appear. It is too early in my research to confirm if other issues associated with the 6 th house may also be significant in the current Cancer-Gemini period Dec June for the Capricorn-Sagittarius generation. Additional influences can be related to increased activity associated with some kind of work activity or chores, greater involvement with children in financial affairs, income from investments and death of friends.

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  6. Photo by Adam Bielawski. This file has been extracted from another file: David-Bowie Chicago photoby Adam-Bielawski. Generational Astrology. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Category Archives: Vedi-western fusion astrology. Posted in: astrology , Donald Trump , Vedi-western fusion astrology Tagged: inauguration.

    Posted in: astrology , House systems , Vedi-western fusion astrology. In addition, the following are the key relevant astrological points of his Vedic horoscope. A street on the island of Hydra, Greece. Posted in: astrology , Vedi-western fusion astrology Tagged: Leonard Cohen. Posted in: Vedi-western fusion astrology Tagged: Gene Wilder.

    These yogas indicate certain conditions in his life based on specific unique combinations of planets, or arrangements of planets in signs and houses: Mercury and Sun aspecting each other indicates an extreme intellectual nature. Sagittarius ascendant means an attraction to a younger partner as Mercury rules the 7 th house of Marriage Jupiter is spoiled when conjunct Rahu but worldly benefits increase as Rahu is enhanced.

    Saturn and Mars aspecting each other indicates technical ability Venus in a Kendra square position from the Moon indicates strong sexual energy The Sun and Mercury together in a house other than the 4th or 8 th will make one virtuous. He ends by stating: We Sagittarians somehow instinctively know that faith creates hope, hope creates inspiration and inspiration creates magic.

    Jonathan had his Moon in Scorpio and in his own words: These people pretend to be easy-going, light and breezy, when all the time below the surface they are in a seething sea of angst, insecurity and turmoil. P75 [6] Ibid. P77 [7] Ibid. How to enjoy a 12th house Moon. Posted in: astrology , Vedi-western fusion astrology Tagged: ephemeris. Ben Dykes. Courtesy of SolarFire. Follow this Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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